Watch accepted trademarks every week with latest AI technology.

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Why supercharge your trademark watching with MyTrademarkeyes?

  • Trademark examiners don't catch every conflicting trademark
  • Similar Logos, words, or Image mark with brand name get accepted due to lower screening
  • Presently, the PDF journal published every week which needs to be monitored manually
  • Save 99% of your time in scanning large PDFs by using our state of art image recognition and computer vision technologies
  • File Opposition against conflicting marks with a single click and at a fixed cost
  • Set up alerts to automate the watch process at minimal cost

Features of Tool

Keep up to date on trademarks with the latest AI technology.

Image and Word Search

Search word marks and image marks in a single go. Using modern computerization and the latest phonetic variation, MyTrademarkeyes can read hidden texts within images and help you catch mistakes that can be detrimental to your brand.

Image recognition

Simply upload your own logo and check it against our "under opposition" trademark database. Our technology will identify conflicting trademarks, similar acceptable trademarks and ensure that you have the best possible outcome.

Alert & Opposition Filing

Brand protection is made easy with our alert service. We will manage your brand using a combination of the best legal minds in the country and our efficient trademark platform. MyTrademarkeys quickly and efficiently deals with all opposition claims.

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